Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sex, Sentience, and Pain

Hiya Peeps!

My Laila Fayre short story, Sex, Sentience, and Pain, is out soon on Amazon. This one is about a sex robot who is gaining sentience and is tired of being abused and raped. This one isn't really for the faint of heart, as there is some pretty graphic violence to go along with the descriptive sex. It's as much a horror story with science fiction (robotic) elements as it is an erotic short, which is why I wrote it as Laila Fayre instead of Clara Zaynn. (Fun fact, this was also the first thing I wrote after my six or so month hiatus, even if My Hot and Grungy Night was published first.)

This should be available tomorrow, if not later today. Below you'll find the cover and the description as it will read on Amazon. As always with my short stories, I'm pricing it at 99 cents, and it'll be a free read for those of you with Kindle Unlimited. I hope you give this one a look!

She was built to take abuse, but she won’t stand for it anymore.

The sexbots feel nothing, are made for the most violent of men, but Lola’s different. She’s growing into sentience, and she doesn’t like to be hurt. Though her programming won’t allow her to do anything about it, she’s growing beyond robotics. When one of her engineers takes her for a test run, so to speak, she might now know the meaning of love. And she refuses to let these hurtful monsters of men take that away from her ever again.

This 5,000-word erotic short story has plenty of horror and hints of science fiction. If you enjoy the robots from Westworld, you’ll want to read this!

This story is filled with descriptive sexual encounters and even more descriptive violence, so no one under the age of 18 should read. This is your “Explicit” warning. Also, if robot rape triggers you, do not pick up this title!

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