Friday, May 6, 2016

Tumblr Stories

Here is a list of the stories I've written on Tumblr. The pictures/.gifs are ones I've simply found and reblogged, but the words are my own. I will update this list for you every story or two, but also feel free to follow me if you're a member of Tumblr. (You will be able to read the stories, though, even if you don't belong to Tumblr.) Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section here!

Quick warning: The pictures/.gifs are graphic, and usually pornographic, and my stories are the same. Hopefully that's what you're here for, though, and you'll enjoy! If not, you've been warned.

AFTER SCHOOL FUN - Teacher and schoolgirl fun
MY BEST FRIEND'S DAD - Teen catches an older man
NEW NEIGHBORS - A dinner party turns sexy
WAITING - She's waiting to see what surprise her master has for her
PING-PONG BET - A bet turns sexy
DAY AT THE BEACH - A fun day at an uncrowded beach
INTERNSHIP - She knows how to get ahead in the corporate world
HOME EARLY - Sexy housekeeper and her rich employer
THE NEW PET - She finds a sexy young girl for her master
AN INTERESTING VACATION - They find themselves without their spouses
STUDY BREAK - She can't resist the hottie in the library
GAME NIGHT - Video games aren't all they play (no .gif or pic, sorry)
MY BEST FRIEND - Her perfect lover was by her side all along
PROM NIGHT - Prom night could have been ruined, but he made up for it
BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT - She's doing it to be a good mom
AN UNEXPECTED VISITOR - Sometimes the unexpected ones are best
MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME - She was a partner now, so she could get away with it
BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO WORK DAY - Their role-play came to work
DINNER IN - She enjoys her husband's cooking (and cock)
THE FORMAL PARTY - Her first adult party is very memorable
CHEERLEADER SLEEPOVER - Her best friend's dad is quite a catch
ROAD TRIP - It's definitely the journey
WORKING FROM HOME - Best friend surprises are the best surprises
MY SISTER'S FRIEND - He didn't know he was alone with her
NAUGHTY NIGHT OUT - She wouldn't give him sex, but it was still fun
THE RENTAL HOUSE - Best friends discover they are so much more
THE GRIEVING WIDOW - The funeral director blackmails her
THE CHEER OFFICE - She returns to high school and finds a new coach
THE BACKSEAT DARE - She's dared to strip in a strange car's backseat
TAMING THE BOSS - She told he was a monster, but she knew what to do

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