Friday, November 17, 2017

Steamy Punk Sleepover

Hiya Peeps!

So I have a new one out today. It's a contemporary lesbian erotic romance called, as you probably guessed from the title of this post, "Steamy Punk Sleepover." It's mostly about two girls with many geeky tendencies finding each other and discovering their relationship after a hot weekend together. There is a steampunk-based collectible card game and a trip to a vintage store to find steampunk-appropriate clothes involved, to say nothing of some fun and geeky TV watching and conversations involved. A second "to say nothing" is of the tons of hot sex involved. This one brings the steamy! 

It's available now on Amazon, so go ahead and check it out here! It's 99 cents to buy or free to download if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited. Check out the cover and description, and I'd love to hear what you think! Enjoy the steamy (and geeky) read!

She thought she was simply out to drink some beer while checking out her new cards.

When the new series for her favorite steampunk-based collectible card game come out, Ashleigh figures her weekend will consist of nothing more than figuring out how to tweak her decks with the booster packs. After she dodges a couple of guys she has no interest in, though, she’s surprised when a sexy young woman captures her attention. She’s never been attracted to other women, after all. She soon learns that this girl, Monique, is her perfect partner. Not only is she gorgeous and easy to get along with, but she wants to learn how to play GEARSQuest and get into the steampunk culture. Ashleigh is all for that! Monique doesn’t simply prove to be a new best friend, though, but a hot lover. Ashleigh has never been more satisfied. Will Monique become Ashleigh’s “one” for life?

This 18,000-word short story shows Ashleigh’s introduction to lesbian sex and learning she can become a steampunk above and beyond her favorite card game. If you enjoy a bit of geeky culture mixed in with your erotic lesbian romance, this story is for you!