Friday, March 18, 2016

Viva Vegas

Hi, everyone!

I'm a few hours away from publishing the third and final (sort of - more on this below) installment of His Hard Rockin' Princess. This one is called Viva Vegas, and is, as the title suggests, set in Las Vegas. As with the first two parts, the Daddy-Daughter role-play is front and center, but it also moves beyond that. I'll let you discover what I mean by that. Basically Ethan and Ella's relationship is evolving even further than it did in Concert Chaos

As with the other two stories, this one will be priced at 99 cents and be available for a free read for those enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I will, of course, have a link as soon as the story is available on Amazon. The cover image will be on the left side of the page, and a simple click will take you right to it. Here's what the cover looks like:

And finally, what did I mean that this will be the final story of the series but not really? Sometime in the future I plan to put all three stories together in one book. When I do, I will add a fourth part to the series that will only be available in that volume. I'm not sure exactly when that will come out, as I plan to focus on a few other stories first, but it will happen at some point. So if you can't get enough Ethan and Ella and their Daddy-Daughter role-play, take heart; you will get another story somewhere down the line. For now, I hope you enjoy Viva Vegas!

Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this to keep everyone up to date on my writing. So far I am simply creating short stories, not longer novellas and novels, though I do have future plans for stories of those length. 

As you can probably tell from the title of this blog and from the titles of my stories, I write erotic fiction. I like to write about graphic sex, but I also like to have romance involved. So far, my stories have been contemporary romantic erotica, though I plan to branch out into other erotic genres, such as horror, fantasy, steampunk, and more. In fact, I have an entire erotic steampunk series swimming around in my head that needs to come out some day.

You can see my books to either side of this. For now, at the time of this writing, I have my three stand alone stories to the right, and my two His Hard Rockin' Princess books to the left. (Part three, by the way, will be the next story I put out, sometime before the end of this month.) All my books are available on Amazon for the Kindle, and they're each available to read for free for anyone enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. 

In addition to this blog, you can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr. Like my books, these are often NSFW (especially on my Tumblr), so keep that in mind when when you click over there.

That's what I have for you at the moment. As I said above, my next story will be the third installment of my His Hard Rockin' Princess series, and it will be available sometime in the next few weeks. I'll have more about it soon. Until then, happy reading!