Sunday, May 20, 2018

More Writing Coming Soon!

Hiya Peeps!

Long time no see. I'm back; sort of. At the end of last year, and for a most of this year so far, I figured I was done as an erotic author. I had absolutely no interest in writing sexy things, so I decided it was a good time to retire Clara Zaynn/Laila Fayre. I even deleted my Twitter account because I didn't want to give anyone false hope. My plan was to go back to my YA roots and rebrand myself; see ya, erotic writing! And that's sort of what happened, though it's still a major work in progress.

You see, I had been a professional writer for well over a year. I didn't have a day job, so to speak, because I had done really well with a trilogy of YA books I wrote a few years back. I figured there was enough traction as to where I'd still make enough money to call fiction writing my job. Yeah, no, didn't happen. I actually became Clara Zaynn because erotic writing has a history of being pretty lucrative on Amazon. Didn't prove true for me, but I kept at it because I loved writing the naughty stuff. After Steamy Punk Sleepover, however, I didn't care about writing anymore. (Though there was something else in there that was a major factor.)

I had to give up my dream of writing full time and reenter the workforce. I was working on Steamy Punk Sleepover while I started my new (seasonal) job, and I went pretty strong with it. When I published it, I was quite proud of that story, and I figured it would be no problem to keep writing. Problem was, I lost all momentum and enthusiasm for writing. Not just sexy stuff, but everything. And when I was finally done with my seasonal job a couple months later and ready to get into my full-time employment, I discovered I still wanted to write, but not erotica. So I "killed off" Clara Zayne (and by extension, Laila Fayre). Obviously, I left my books on Amazon, and a few people continue to enjoy the stories, but that was it.

I have a new plan of attack for my YA career, which I'm still hard at work on, but as I'm creating new worlds to write in, a funny thing happened: I missed writing smutty stuff. I didn't realize it, but all of the sudden, a few weeks ago, I cranked out a dark (violent and rapey) erotic story, with horror and science fiction undertones. I didn't sit down and get it all on the page in one sitting, as I was still very much rusty, but after a few days, I had a short story that will be a Laila Fayre short in a few weeks. I did post a bit about it on my new Twitter account (more on that in a minute), and I'll say more about it here as it gets closer to publication. I enjoyed the heck out of writing that story, so much so that I belted out a much nicer Clara Zaynn short not long after. And I had a blast writing both!

When I realized I wasn't done with my erotic writing, I went back to each of my titles and added a big chunk of advertising to the back, with links and descriptions of all my stories. I also, today, started a new Twitter account. I don't plan on using it much, as I get so addicted to social media that it takes time from my writing (especially now that I have a day job that takes up much of my time). Basically, I'm going to use Twitter to advertise my upcoming titles. I don't know how many people will see it, as I don't plan to be on it much, but I feel better having it. I may also post silly and otherwise things that I don't feel comfortable posting under my YA writing name. So you have that if you choose to follow me!

So what I'm saying in this long, rambling post is I'm back sort of. I won't be around much on social media (Twitter and this blog), but I will advertise when new stories are coming out. I have two blog posts coming up about my two newest titles, but, like I said, they are still at least a week away before I'm ready to unleash them. I will most likely post them later this week or next week.

That's it for now! See you next post!

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