Saturday, February 25, 2017

Free Books!

Hello Lovelies!

Some of you may have seen already on Twitter that I have two books available for free this coming week. I do this to get my writing in the hands of more people to add interest to my other stories, as well as the hopes for reviews. Obviously neither of these are necessary for you to download my two free books, simply my hopes. The big thing I hope is that people will download my books and actually read them! Sounds silly, but it's a real concern as an indie author. 

Okay, having said all that, the two books I will be putting out for free are His Hard Rockin' Princess, a full-length erotic romance novel which came out last weekend, and Can You Help?, a novelette-length erotic horror story (which, I must say, is very different than any of my other stories).

 His Hard Rockin' Princess will be free Sunday, February 26 until Thursday, March 2. Click here to find it on Amazon.

Can You Help will be free from Monday, February 27 until Friday, March 3. Click here to find it on Amazon.

Keep in mind that I am setting everything up on the west coast of the US in the Pacific Time Zone, so amend those dates as necessary for where you are. (I honestly have no idea how Amazon works this all in other time zones, or on the other side of the International Date Line.) 

So there you have it! Two free books for you to download. I hope you pick up a copy, read 'em, and enjoy them! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Master List of the Babysitting Fun Series

It's also available at other online retailers. Simply search "Babysitting Fun Series" where you normally buy your ebooks!

 Click here to find Catching the Hot Dad
 Click here to find Mom, Dad, and Babysitter Make Three
 Click here to find Babysitter Sandwich
 Click here to find Daddy's Watching
Click here to find Daddy Wants to Play 

The Babysitting Fun Series

Hello Lovelies!

On the heels of the release of His Hard Rockin' Princess (which you can read about here), I put out a collection of all six stories in the Babysitting Fun series. I've done nothing to the stories except put them all together in one easy-to-read collection and added a new cover (which is a variation on most of the original shorts). Click here to find it on Amazon: The Babysitting Fun Series

For now, I'm listing it at $2.99, and it is not eligible for Kindle Unlimited. (Each of the six stories is available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you're a member, you can find the same stories on an individual basis; they are exactly the same as in this collection.) What this means is, if you are not a member of Kindle Unlimited and have always wanted to read these stories, but didn't want to pull the trigger on each individually, I'm giving you them all for basically half-price! (Yes, there's like a nickel's difference, but it's close to half.) I also may someday put this collection on Smashwords, but I don't know if it'll happen yet (for various reasons). 

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that you can get the entire Babysitting Fun series all in one place for a great price! Take a look below at the cover and the description, and I hope you enjoy this collection! 

Here is the description:

This bundle includes six short tales of erotica featuring babysitters. These young women lust after the older dads and moms they sit for, occasionally both at once!

Catching the Hot Dad:
Hannah had a primo babysitting gig. Little Madison was a joy to watch, and Mr. James, Madison’s single dad, paid well. Even better, Mr. James was a complete hottie, a DILF. When a work emergency had him begging Hannah to come over pronto, she decided this could be their night. He might need something to relax him after a stressful night, right? She was more than willing to be there for him. Would he let her do whatever it takes?

Mom, Dad, and Babysitter Make Three:
Brit is the perfect babysitter. Kind, nurturing, and entertaining. Gia loves her. As do her parents, Heidi and Ryan, who see young Brit as more than simple help with their young daughter. When Heidi and Ryan decide to have Brit over for dinner, they hope one thing leads to another. To their surprise and delight, young Brittany is more than willing to take this relationship to new heights. This could very well prove to be the best night of all three of their lives.

Babysitter Sandwich (a sequel to Mom, Dad, and Babysitter Make Three):
Brit couldn’t be happier that her babysitting duties now involve having plenty of alone time with Gia’s parents, Ryan and Heidi. She’s so in love with both of them that she doesn’t even bother looking for a college-age boyfriend. Ryan and Heidi can’t help but brag about her, and that catches the interest of Ryan’s best friend, Gabe. Does Brit want to find out what adding another man to the mix might be like? Heidi won’t join in on that, but with Ryan there, she thinks it could be a lot of fun. And the three of them are very willing to find out what it’s like!

Daddy’s Watching:
Hector couldn’t cheat on his wife, but he could pay their 19-year-old babysitter, Savannah, to flash and have all kinds of other naughty fun on camera. It’s not cheating, after all, since he only watches on his computer. As things heat up, though, Savannah wants to know what Hector is packing, and how well he uses it. He can’t let it go that far, but how far can she push him?

Daddy Wants to Play: (a sequel to Daddy’s Watching):
Savannah not only babysits every week for the Chavez’s, but she’s been getting paid to perform naughty acts on the security system cameras by Mr. Chavez. She loved the extra income but wanted more. It started as an itch wondering what it would be like to be with a married man, but soon moved past that. She couldn’t keep from thinking about becoming the next Mrs. Chavez. No, she wasn’t the type to out-and-out sabotage a marriage, but, hey, if the current Mrs. Chavez found out that Mr. Chavez wanted to play, that wasn’t her fault, right?

Mommy Knows Best:

Emma had never been with another woman, but when she walked in on her son’s babysitter, Alex, “playing,” she had to see what it was like. Though the young 19-year-old babysitter was hesitant at first, she also warmed up to the idea quick enough. After a steamy night, Emma knew she’d need to find another babysitter so she could be with her babysitter as often as possible.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chapter Five: His Hard Rockin' Princess

Read Ch. 4 by clicking here

Chapter 5

Elle sat on her bed, her laptop open in front of her. It was now almost two in the afternoon, and Mandy dropped her off a few minutes ago. They’d gotten back to Rich and Mandy’s house in Villa Park about three in the morning, and after a hot shower to wipe off the grime from the weekend, she slept like a corpse in their guest room until noon. When she managed to pull herself out of bed, in need of some breakfast or lunch or whatever, she found Mandy lounged in front of the TV in the living room.
“Hungry?” Mandy asked.
“Want to help me whip up some pancakes and eggs? All I’ve had so far today is a small slice of melon when Rich left for work.”
“I thought he wasn’t going in today. And he didn’t need you?” Mandy was Rich’s assistant at Sullivan Advertising, much like Mom was Dad’s. This way they got to see each other that much more, and Dad and Rich had valued assistants they trusted more than anyone. Dad often quipped that Mom, and now Mandy, knew more about the company than he and Rich put together, and ran it better. Mom had originally been Grandpa George’s assistant, and that’s how they met, back when Mom had been married to Elle’s real father, the one she knew nothing about, and had never inquired. The way Mom’s face screwed up in anger or hate or whatever when she mentioned him proved she was lucky to have never met the man who had donated his sperm to make her. Anyway, Mom married Matt, her real dad as far as she was concerned, when she was four.
“He went in late and is leaving early. There’s a project coming up he wants to check in on. I told him I wasn’t going in today, and if he insisted, I’d take a sick day.”
“You go, girl. Don’t let the man push you around.”
“And the fact that ‘the man’ is my husband who I have wrapped around my little finger makes it all the easier to not let him push me around.”
They both laughed, and Mandy pulled the ingredients for their mini-feast out onto the counter. “Do you want to take care of the pancakes or go on scrambled egg duty?”
“Eggs,” Elle said. “Do you have any hot sauce? I saw one of the chef’s on the food channel do it, and I want to try.”
“Practice for when Tim keeps you over for breakfast?” Elle heard the grin in Mandy’s voice when she said it.
“Oh my god, shut up! Besides, don’t jinx anything.”
“By the way you two eye-fucked each other all weekend, and made out last night while we packed, I’d say there’s no need to worry about any jinx.”
Elle felt her face explode. “Seriously, shut up!”
Mandy came up behind her and gave her a hug. “Teasing, not teasing. But do you want to talk about it? Might be best now when Rich isn’t around. You know how he gets.”
“No. I sort of want to work it all through my head first. I’m not sure what happened.” She felt her face flush again. God, when did I become such a blusher? “Except I’m aching to see him again.”
“I’d be shocked if you weren’t. Anyway, there’s hot sauce in the fridge. And if you do want to talk, now or anytime in the future, I’m here for you.”
“Thanks. I might, but not yet. Besides, what are Mom and Dad going to say? He’s way older than me.”
Mandy snorted. “Might be hypocritical of them to say anything.” Dad was eleven years older than Mom, while Tim had ten years on her. “Besides, I got nothing but total good guy vibes from him all weekend. And you seemed to react to him better than with anyone else. Ever.”
Elle groaned. “Seriously, I’m not ready to talk about this. I don’t even know what’s going on in my own mind.”
“Best reason to talk it through, but I’ll respect your wishes. Now get started on those eggs, I’m starving.”
The conversation moved to more comfortable territory, though he never left her thoughts. That was both annoying and the best thing ever. Well, the best thing ever would have been if he was here, but it was a close second. Mandy drove her home not long after they finished their brunch, and now she sat in front of her laptop. She should hit the university website to click on her classes and see what she missed today, but she couldn’t. Not yet. Everything Tim dominated her brain.
She could text him, or better yet, call. Her excuse would be wanting to make sure he made it home safe. No, she needed to wait. Don’t come on too greedy, too strong, girl, she scolded herself. Let him make the first move. Or at least give him the chance to. If he didn’t get in touch in the next hour or two, she’d text him. He had, after all, extended to her a free invitation to do so at any time, right?
Before she knew it, YouTube sat open on her laptop’s browser, and her fingers took over, typing “Moth Man Wade” into the search bar. A host of videos popped up, most previews for lessons for his online Moth Man Shred School. She wanted to watch some of those, not because she cared about the lessons, but so she could see him, hear his voice. Instead, a bunch of videos of his guitar solos from his Splitting Braincells days caught her attention. She found a 30-minute compilation and clicked on it.
Okay, she liked heavy metal and hard rock before, but this weekend gave her a new appreciation. She found she enjoyed most of the bands, both Saturday and Sunday, even the super heavy ones where the lead singer growled more than sang. She hadn’t paid much attention to the Friday bands, and now wished she had; everything had been sensory overload at that point. Splitting Braincells had been her favorite, aside, of course, from Crushed Edges. Tim explained so much during Splitting Braincells’ set, pointing out songs he had originally performed and helped write. She loved that part. Now, as she watched him shirtless on stage, wailing away on his guitar, her age, maybe a year older, the music went straight to her girlie parts. She moved her hand under her sweats and panties to pet her kitty.
She gasped, and it wasn’t from the touch of her fingertips against her sex. When did she ever do this? Yes, she had rubbed herself before, but it had always been simple stress relief or a sleep aid. As she moaned at her fingertips moving through her folds and pausing on top of her little pearl, the video continued in front of her. She imagined Tim rubbing in time with his blistering solo, moving his fingers lightning quick against her kitty, and then backing off a bit, rubbing different areas of her girlie parts. She also admonished herself. He was a grown man, mature. Her saying girlie parts or kitty for her vagina wouldn’t amuse him. Would it? Maybe he’d find it cute. With that thought, a sharp orgasm, bigger than anything she’d ever felt before, even when she had actual sex with Harris, washed over her. She screwed her eyes shut tight and let Tim’s beautiful licks and chords engulf her senses, heighten her feelings. She let out a cry, thankful Mom and Dad were at work, though she wouldn’t be doing this if they were home. Maybe. Her door did have a lock, after all.
A lightheadedness washed over her. She rubbed her slit and pearl a couple more times, and then dragged her hand out of her pants. Oh, shit, despite the 8 hours of sleep she got this morning, she felt bashed. She hugged herself, a sudden wish that Tim could be here to wrap his arms around her, a wish that he’d been the one to give her the blistering orgasm, either with his hands or his thing…his cock. Another delightful convulsion shuddered through her at the thought of him, his male organ. She felt it push at her through his jeans last night when he hugged her tight, kissed her.
She avoided any sort of relationship after Harris. Their relationship, or should-have-been break-up, soured the last couple months of high school. In March of their senior year—St. Patrick’s Day after they shared a green beer—a condom broke inside her. She’d been on edge for a couple of weeks, and when her period came late, her life went into a tail-spin. Honestly, though, that wasn’t so unusual back then. Until she went on birth control, her cycle had never been anything close to regular. Everyone noticed her changed mood, but how could they not? Rich said it best. She loved his description of her, how he called her bratty with a side of bitch ever since she was 10 years old, but in that dark time, she became bitchy with extra bitch. Yeah, she couldn’t deny it. It wasn’t until Mom burst into her room while she sobbed into her pillow that it came out she knew she was pregnant. She’d taken a drug store pregnancy test and though the result was hard to read, it looked like it pointed towards positive. Mom held her as she spilled the whole story, and, of course, like always, she made her feel better. Pregnancy tests weren’t always accurate, to say nothing of the fact that this one hadn’t been clear in the first place; her periods often proved unpredictable, with this one only being a couple of days late; and her body didn’t feel any different other than from the severe stress she’d put herself through thinking about it. There was a better than average chance she wasn’t pregnant, but if she was, she, Dad, Rich, and Mandy, who’d been engaged to Rich then, would be there for her. That got Elle to cry her hardest tears of those couple of weeks, but they were of gratitude, not fear. The released stress must've nudged her hormones along, as her period started during the night. Bitchy with extra bitch took a backseat to happy with a side of ecstatic for a few days until life shifted back to normal.
Anyway, Harris didn't speak to her through the entire ordeal, though most of it, she supposed, could be blamed on her after she almost tore his head off near the beginning of the scare. Even afterward, when they reconciled, nothing had been the same. Neither would pull the plug, afraid to leave the comfortable sameness, even if it no longer held any comfort. And though sex hadn’t been an every weekend thing by any stretch of the imagination, their one time—the night after graduation—in those final few months could still be considered a dry spell. It had proved there was no longer any love between them, if there had ever been any in the first place. Thank god he chose to attend Stanford rather than a local school like her.
Now she avoided any sort of relationship. It didn’t help—or hurt, she supposed, went more in line with her point of view—that most guys at school were kind of douchey. Okay, yes, that might be unfair, as she took that vantage point from the guys who hit on her. She was sure, as Bri told her more than once, she could find a good guy if she looked for one. But therein lied the problem; she didn’t want to. When she did meet someone who held her same interests, she never felt a spark, not even enough to go on a simple coffee date to the campus Starbucks between classes. It wasn’t until…
“Tim,” she whispered into her empty room. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she noticed the video still playing. He really had been exquisite. Part of her wanted to feel sad that he loved playing the guitar so much but couldn’t do it anymore, at least like in this video. Her lust, her jubilation over her orgasmic high, though, pushed the thought away. For now she needed him, and this, his video, her fingers, would be as close as she could get until Saturday. Her hand rested on her stomach and inched down. This would be a record; she’d never masturbated twice in one day before. Maybe never more than once in an entire month.
As soon as her hand reached the waistband of her sweats, her phone’s text message alert chimed, getting her to jump. She sat up and reached for it, as it lay next to her laptop. A smile took over when she saw it was Tim, and also felt her face flush. Had he known she planned to touch her girlie parts again thinking about him? No, she was being silly. How could he? But they did feel so connected…
His text instead had a bland but happy message. He made it home safe, and had already unpacked the RV. He also hoped she made it home okay. Her smile threatened to split her face. He’s thinking about me! How awesome is that?
Her thumbs flew across the digital keyboard on her phone. “Glad you are safe. I slept at Rich and Mandy’s. Home now and playing on laptop. Need to homework soon.”
There. Would he say anything more? If so, would it be in a way that engaged further conversation? Her eyes didn’t leave her iPhone’s screen, and he rewarded her seconds later.
“Glad to hear. Did you miss much in your classes today? I’m already pining for Saturday, by the way.”
“Oh my god,” she squealed, and her thumbs again moved in a blur.
“ME, TOO!!! ALREADY HUNGRY!!!” She giggled, as she didn’t mean for food. How would he reply? Would he pick up on her subtext?
He played it safe, though his reply still got a smile from of her.
“Saturday is a long ways away. Hope you plan to eat something in between.”
She sent first a winking smiley, and then said, “Don’t know about missed school yet. Haven’t logged onto website. Got distracted by Moth Man YouTube vids.”
“Haha. That young guy could shred, that’s for sure.”
“Do you miss it?” They hadn’t discussed his past other than in superficial ways, so she had no clue. He had to, didn’t he? He wouldn’t have been there watching the Splitting Braincells’ set if he didn’t. Or could he watch because he was over it? Really, though, she hoped her text hadn’t ruined their conversation. Ugh, Elle, even your thumbs have no filter.
His text came not long after. “Yes and no. A better conversation/explanation in person than through text. Will answer on Saturday during breakfast. Promise.”
She put her hands to her mouth and squealed. Oh, he was good. It was a better answer than she could have hoped for. “Will hold you to that.” Then, before he replied, inspiration struck. “Parents going to fundraiser Wednesday night. I hate eating alone. Join me?” She held her breath waiting for a reply, and when she saw it, her entire world deflated.
“Will get back to you later in the week about time and place for Saturday.” Seconds later, though, her head shot back into the stratosphere. “Sorry, got your Wednesday text as I sent the weekend one. Yes, I’d love to have dinner with you Wednesday.”
“Great! I can’t wait!” And she meant it with all her heart.
“Me, too!” He also added both the smiling face wearing sunglasses and the winking one. Oh my god, that’s too cute!
Her hand flew to her lips, as the memory of their kiss last night hit her. Would they do that again? A lot? Oh, goodness, she hoped so. In fact, she’d do everything in her powers to make it happen.
His next text brought a small pang of sadness, but also got her to grin. “Need to head into work for a little bit, so dropping out of our convo for now. Not ignoring you on purpose, promise.”
She texted him a sad face, but followed it with a winking one with the words, “Text when you finish?”
“Try and stop me. Until then, my princess.”

Holy fuck! She reached behind for her pillow and mashed it to her face as she screamed her exuberant joy. She was his princess. YES!

Chapter Four: His Hard Rockin' Princess

Read Ch. 3 by clicking here

Chapter 4

Tim walked next to Rich and Mandy, his new friends, on the way back to the campground Sunday night after the festival ended. Elle, his other new friend, danced a few feet ahead, humming songs from Blackest the Night, the night’s headliner. He took her to the pit down front to watch, as he’d done with a few of the bands, including Crushed Edges, her favorite band, last night. They made sure to stay clear of the actual mosh pits that broke out closer to the middle, so they had a great time in the mass of excited humanity. He also introduced her to the guys of Crushed Edges, which earned him even more points, though, for whatever reason, he didn’t need to score bonus points to impress her. What was it about this girl?
He loved how she enjoyed most of the bands today, and he meant all day, not just the main stage. The four of them, six, counting his RV neighbors, enjoyed breakfast together before hitting the festival grounds for 12 more hours of head-banging. And plenty of Elle’s sexy dancing, it turned out. He gave a quick head-shake to clear that thought out of his mind. He had a hard enough time concentrating on his conversation with Rich and Mandy while watching Elle skip ahead of them, kicking rocks, sticks, and leaves in time with the beats in her head.
“You three want to have a few drinks at my RV before turning in?” he asked. “I have plenty of caffeine-free sodas, and I’m brewing some decaf.” He didn’t add there would be no booze, as they’d had a long discussion about alcohol earlier, and how he hadn’t consumed any since his drunk driving accident.
“Sounds great,” Rich said. “I’d also love to hear some of those demos you bragged about earlier if you don’t mind.” Tim told him how he’d converted all his old demos from Splitting Braincells, as well as some he recorded of him noodling on his guitars, into mp3 files. He had them on digital recorders, but mp3s made playback much easier.
“Not a brag, but a fact,” he said, and it got all three laughing. Elle turned her head to see what was funny, and kicked a rock a bit too hard, almost clipping someone ahead of them.
“Elle!” he snapped, “be careful what you’re doing. You could hurt someone.”
“Sorry,” she said, and trotted over to his side, her head bowed, chastised.
Shit, he hadn’t meant to overstep his bounds; he didn’t want her to hurt someone with one of those rocks. Had she been abused at some point in her life? The way she scurried to his side without meeting his eyes proved that might be the case. As she clutched his arm, he glanced over to Rich and Mandy to see what they had to say about the scene, but both wore looks of confusion, and he had the distinct feeling it had to do with her reaction, not his tone.
“I won’t do it again, I promise,” she said, apprehension in her voice.
“No, it’s fine. I just wanted you to be careful with those rocks. How would you like it if someone hit you while you minded your own business?”
“I wouldn’t,” she whispered, and then looked up at him, an expression of pleading on her face. What the fuck? Had his tone been so clipped? What had she gone through in her life to react that way?
He took his arm back so he could wrap it around her shoulders. “I didn’t mean to sound so stern. I’m sorry.”
She grinned up at him and leaned deeper into his body. Holy shit, yeah, this feels right. What the hell was it with this girl?
He looked back over to Rich and Mandy to see if they said anything now, but they had their heads together in a private conversation. He could swear he heard Rich mutter, “Is that my sister? When has she ever acted like this?”
So this wasn’t normal behavior. He took a deep breath and felt her shudder a bit. “Are you cold?”
“A little.” She smiled, and it took every bit of willpower not to lean down and plant a kiss on her lips. Instead, he nudged her in front of him.
“Here, let’s keep in step, and I’ll rub the warmth back into your arms.”
She matched his stride and whispered, “‘K”
As he rubbed her arms, he heard Mandy snicker. He looked over with a questioning look. She shook her head, and mouthed, “Later.” He nodded and smiled.
Once they reached his RV, he unlocked it and hopped inside to turn on some lights, and then motioned them up. “I thought we’d sit outside, but as Elle mentioned, it’s a little chilly. Besides, Rich, I’m sure you’ll hear the tunes in here better than out there. I’m not going to blast them at this time of night, despite everyone in the campground still being awake.”
“Sounds good to me,” he said.
He motioned them to sit on the couch or one of the mounted swivel chairs, and then took drink orders. “Like I said, I’m brewing a pot of decaf, but I also have cans of soda, both caffeinated and not, and plenty of bottled water.”
“If you’re making coffee, that’s my choice,” Mandy said.
“Me, too,” Rich said.
When Elle didn’t chime in, he said, “Soda and water in the fridge. Help yourself. Let me know if you want a glass.”
“No, I’ll have coffee, too.”
Mandy let out a snort, while Rich said, “I don’t think he has enough cream and sugar for you to have coffee.”
She stuck her tongue out at both of them, and he held in a laugh. “I have plenty of both, I assure you. Now sit, everyone. The beauty of an RV is the kitchen is right here, so you can get comfortable and we can talk.”
Rich and Mandy plopped onto the couch, and though there was plenty of room next to them, Elle hesitated and looked at him.
“Where are you sitting?” she asked.
Before he could answer, Mandy whispered, “Oh my god, pick a spot, you little hussy.”
He tried everything in his power to pretend he didn’t hear, but when Elle’s eyes went wide, and she fired back, “Oh my god, shut up,” in a whisper of her own, he couldn’t help but stifle a laugh. She shot him a look, horrified embarrassment written all over her.
“I’m sitting in a swivel chair. Why don’t you choose one. They’re comfortable.”
She sat, and he turned around to get the coffee started, hiding his grin. It went wider when he heard Rich say, “What’s gotten into you tonight?”
Elle didn’t say anything, but Mandy whispered, “Leave her alone. She’s…” She then giggled.
“I said shut up!” Elle whisper-shouted.
Tim couldn’t help himself. He turned his head, caught Elle’s gaze, and winked. She gasped, turned bright red, but a goofy smile formed on her lips.
That’s when the situation hit Rich, as he mumbled, “Oh, fuck,” and then turned to Tim, gave him a slight head-shake, and mouthed, “Your funeral, pal.”
Neither Elle nor Mandy caught it, so he couldn’t help smiling. It wasn’t a threat from an overprotective brother, but a warning about Elle’s personality, which Rich described earlier as “bratty with a side of bitch.” He saw some of it on display today, and had to admit he found it endearing.
As he turned back to his little kitchen area, a spider climbed along the bottom of the sink. It wasn’t too big, and wouldn’t hurt anything, but he didn’t want it in here. It would be easy enough to grab a paper towel and squash it, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill the thing. It hadn’t done anything wrong. Ever since his accident those 8 years ago, the thought of hurting anything, even something as little as this spider, churned his stomach. He grabbed a plastic cup next to the sink, placed it over the thing, and slid it around. The spider took the bait and climbed onto the side. He tore off a paper towel and placed it over the opening. Seconds later, he had the thing out the door and back out in the wilds where it could catch bugs to its hearts content. He found no irony in it; that was nature, not the barbarism he would have committed by squishing it. Rich and Mandy chuckled at his actions, but he could see the small smile on Elle’s lips. She approved, and though he hadn’t done it for her, his heart sung.
Talk then turned to the festival, and they discussed both the music and meeting so many of the bands backstage. Rich gushed again about how cool it had been for Tim to introduce him to the guys of Splitting Braincells last night, and he said he was glad to. Especially since Rich had made sure to mention Moth Man was still his favorite member. The guys laughed, though Julian, the guitarist who’d replaced him, put on a fake pout and said he’d been with the band longer than Moth Man, and had been on more records. That brought out more laughter from everyone. Tim couldn’t imagine a better guy than Julian replacing him as lead shredder. They had then signed Elle’s notebook, posed for a few pictures, and hit the stage. And, of course, like always, they killed it.
Once the coffee finished brewing, filling the RV with the sweet and bitter scents, Tim poured four mugs. Both Rich and Mandy took theirs black, like his. Before he poured Elle’s, he said, “Why don’t you come over here and supervise so I know how much room to leave for cream and sugar.”
She hesitated for a second, and then said, “I’ll take mine black, too.”
“Elle, it’s rude to accept coffee only to dump it out,” Rich said.
“I won’t,” she said, exasperation in her voice.
He passed two to Rich so he could hand Mandy hers, and then hand-delivered Elle’s. As he did, he whispered, “If you change your mind about cream and sugar, feel free. And if you decide you’d rather have something else, I won’t be offended. I’ll even drink yours so they don’t yell at you again about wasting it. Okay?”
She gave a slight nod and smile, and bit her bottom lip. He didn’t know if she did it on purpose, but either way, he had to fight every instinct inside him to not kiss her. Hard. And, lord almighty, he might have if her brother and sister-in-law weren’t sitting a few feet away. He also could tell without a doubt she would welcome his advance. Somehow he managed to find his own seat without spilling any of his own hot decaffeinated brew.
Talk about the festival resumed, and soon 2 am snuck up on them. He, Rich, and Mandy all had refills, and while Elle didn’t drink her coffee fast, she did finish it. He had a feeling it was to spite her brother, as she admitted it wasn’t great.
As they stood to head back to their tent, Tim said, “Shit, Rich, I’m sorry. I forgot to put on those demos for you.”
“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Mandy said. “I have a feeling you guys will be seeing each other again.” She motioned towards Elle, who gave her sister-in-law a blank look.
Tim chuckled, and said, “Yeah, you’re right.” He exchanged phone numbers with each of them this morning—or yesterday morning, as it was well past midnight—in case they got separated, and he knew he wanted to use Elle’s once he got home. She lived maybe a half-hour away from him, closer if traffic behaved.
That’s when the meaning of the comment dawned on Elle, and she gasped, her eyes wide and cheeks pink. “Yes,” she said in a harsh, throaty whisper.
Mandy let out a laugh, while Rich mumbled, “Christ.” He then patted Tim on the shoulder as he headed for the door. “Like I said, your funeral,” but he chuckled this time. Mandy swatted Rich’s shoulder and told him to knock it off, but Elle didn’t hear.
Once they all stepped outside, it seemed most of the campground had gone to bed, so they talked in whispers. “Breakfast again tomorrow?” he asked. “Or are you guys pulling out early?” The campground rules stated everyone had until 10 am to vacate. He planned on using that entire time.
“Actually,” Rich said, “If the ladies don’t mind, we might head out now. I’m still a bit wired, and we can be home in half an hour, while it’ll take well over an hour in the morning.”
“Sounds good to me,” Mandy said. “I could use a shower.”
“No,” Elle said, tears in her eyes. “I want to stay for breakfast.”
“Elle…” Rich started, but Tim cut him off.
“Why don’t you two go get packed, and I’ll bring Elle over in a few minutes.”
Mandy and Rich headed off, and he motioned Elle to him. She exploded into his arms, and continued sniffling, trying, he could tell, not to cry harder. He held her, not saying anything for a moment. After a minute or two, she pulled back a little and said, “Sorry.”
He wiped a stray tear from her cheek. “Nothing to be sorry about. I’m guessing the fact that you’re tired played a major part. I’m exhausted, and I have an actual bed in here.” He tapped the wall of the RV.
She giggled. “Yeah. But…it’s more.” She looked up at him, and he gasped at her absolute beauty. He’d been with her all day, marveled at it whenever he so much as glanced at her, but it still took him by surprise each time. He fought every instinct inside to not lean down and kiss her, but again managed.
“How about we call it a rain-check and I take you out to breakfast next weekend, Saturday or Sunday. Your choice. Whatever day works best for you.”
“Both days,” she said in a breathy whisper, and that did it. He couldn’t keep himself in check any longer. He placed a soft kiss on her lips, pulled away a few inches, and then dove back in, harder. She moaned and kissed back. Their lips parted, and their tongues danced together, both fighting for dominance, and then playing a game of give and take. He’d never been so captivated by anyone. She felt like she belonged in his arms, on his lips. He had to wield every bit of self-control to keep from picking her up and carrying her into the RV. If her brother and sister-in-law wouldn’t be looking for her soon, he might have done it. He didn’t know what they’d say about this display itself, but didn’t care enough to stop. He couldn’t stop. Elle felt too perfect, too lovely, too…his.
“Elle, it’s time to go,” Mandy’s voice rang out behind them, though she sounded amused rather than angry. They jumped and pulled apart.
“Give us a few more minutes,” Elle said.
“Rich has the car started.”
“One more minute and I’ll be there.”
“Elle,” Mandy said, exasperation in her voice.
“C’mon, get out of here and don’t be so argumentative,” he said. “I’ll see you next weekend, and we have each other’s phone numbers. Call or text me any time. Okay?”
“Okay,” she said, reached up for one more kiss, and then ran off towards their camp and waiting car.
Mandy gave him a quick hug. “Thanks. I’m not sure what sort of hold you have over her, but please don’t stop. You’re good for her.”
He chuckled. “I have no clue, either, but I can guarantee she has a hold over me, too. Safe travels, and tell Rich I owe him a listening party.”
“He’ll love that. Thanks for everything this weekend. We all enjoyed meeting and hanging out with you. And as I said earlier, I’m sure we’ll see plenty of each other from now on.”
“Yeah, I hope so.”
He must have worn a wistful look while he said it because she laughed, and then waved bye. He  hopped into the RV and headed back to the minuscule bedroom to try to get at least a few hours of sleep. If it would be possible after that day and that kiss.

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Chapter Three: His Hard Rockin' Princess

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Chapter 3

Elle bounced all the way to the gate that led them backstage. This was so cool! She also couldn’t help but laugh at her brother, as he might have been more excited. Mandy joked earlier she’d have to keep a firm grip on his arm to keep him from floating away, but now it looked as if she did have him tight. Elle clutched the laminated pass on her lanyard as they approached the security guards. She remembered all the times through high school, and even some in college, when people talked about trying to sneak backstage, saying confidence was key. She didn’t need to worry about confidence tonight, as these passes were genuine. Rich, with some help from Dad, secured them at work, Sullivan Advertising. Dad owned it, while Rich was his second-in-command and someday successor. They tried to get her into the family business, too, but she had no interest. Maybe after college if she still didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up, but not yet.
The security team waved them through, and she and Rich grinned at each other so big she thought her face might crack. Bring on the rock stars! She had autographs to get. Along with the CD cover for Crushed Edges’ latest album, their best yet, she also carried a small notebook for anyone else famous. Maybe even some of the bands from earlier would be back here. She hadn’t known most of them, but enjoyed so many of the sounds. Rich would point out anyone of interest to get signatures. No doubt she’d end up having to share the notebook with him, but she didn’t mind. Mandy, for her part, got drafted into picture duty with her phone.
The first band, Coiled Recognition, would start in about fifteen minutes, so commotion surrounded the stage as the roadies moved everything into position and made sure the instruments sounded right. Despite not being media, their passes allowed them in the standing section to the left of the stage. Rich didn’t see anyone he recognized, so they checked out their vantage point. She couldn’t wait to watch from here. Sure, it would be a better pure view from the front row of the amphitheater, but this was so much cooler. None of her friends could say they’d seen a big concert like this.
While they stood waiting, a guy in his mid-20s or so, with a faux-hawk haircut and wearing a buttoned-up striped shirt and skinny jeans, stepped up next to her. He gave her an appraising look that made her want to punch him in the teeth, and said, “Crushed Edges fan, eh?”
She gave him a sappy sweet smile. “No, my brother let me borrow the shirt for this weekend. He said it would make me stand out less than my Katy Perry one.”
He smirked. “It’s nice you can be here anyway. I’m sure your brother will enjoy the show.”
“Yeah, he will. Not me, though. I won’t know to cheer when the opening riff of ‘Big Chugger’ starts, meaning the boys are about to take the stage. I also won’t get the significance of ‘Jagged Lines’ because I have no idea Boyd Henderson’s older brother died from cutting himself too deep with a razor blade. I also won’t know to get excited when Jason starts the opening riff of ‘Not a Party Machine.’ It’s too bad because it all sounds like a kick-ass set.” She threw a smirk of her own at the guy, who looked bemused and backed away, telling her to enjoy the show.
Mandy snorted and gave her a nudge. “You could have told him you were a fan instead of making him feel so small. Not that I didn’t enjoy watching it.”
She waited for Rich to call her bratty with a side of bitch, his favorite phrase when she did something like that, but instead he said, “Oh, shit.”
What? Had the guy gone to get someone to kick her out? Was he a true VIP who didn’t like to feel belittled? She didn’t care about making him feel stupid, as she hated the way he blatantly checked her out. It would be plenty petty of him to do so, but she’d met enough famous people through Dad’s company who thought too much of themselves to not be surprised. Instead, she found Rich staring in awe at…
…him. Her mystery older guy, the one who made her feel tingly both this morning and afternoon. And he did it again now, even if he wasn’t looking at her. Oh, god, what was it about him? She realized she couldn’t breathe.
“What?” Mandy asked. Elle thought she said it to her for a second, but instead she directed the query at Rich.
“That’s Moth Man. Moth Man Wade, the original lead guitarist for Splitting Braincells. Holy hell, I worshiped him back in high school.”
“Go introduce yourself,” she said, nudging him. “Elle can get his autograph, and I’ll snap a picture. This is why we’re backstage, remember?”
“I can’t. He’s Moth Man. I don’t think I’ll be able to say anything.”
Mandy’s voice held exasperation, but Elle heard the humor in it, too. “You’ve met plenty of celebrities at work. He’s no different. Go say hi, tell him you’re a fan, and I’ll get a picture. Elle, drag your brother over there and get an autograph.”
She didn’t answer. She’d followed the conversation, but her eyes had never left the guy, this Moth Man. What kind of name was that? A nickname, but why? She wanted to walk over and ask him, but her feet wouldn’t move. When was she ever like this?
“Elle?” Mandy prompted, followed by, “Oh my god!”
That snapped her out of it. “What?” She didn’t like the smirk on Mandy’s face.
“Are you star-struck like your brother, or crushing? He’s pretty hot, but maybe a little too old for you.”
“No! Oh my god. I was…” How could she finish that sentence? She also knew she had a nuclear-level blush going. Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look, she willed towards him, which, of course, brought the opposite effect. His eyes wandered over to them before stopping on her. Her heart, thanks to Mandy’s teasing, had managed to work its way into her chest from her throat, but now it shot back up. Oh, his eyes…
“Look, he sees us,” Mandy said. “Now it’ll be more rude if you don’t go over and talk to him.” Elle’s gaze didn’t leave Moth Man’s, but she heard the near-laughter in Mandy’s voice. “Come on, you two.”
And just like that, they headed towards him. In any other situation, she would have been giddy at how much fun she could have picking on Rich for being star-struck. He never batted an eye when they met a celebrity. They didn't affect her, either, but that changed big-time tonight. Only Mandy held it together as she pushed and prodded them to meet this beautiful, beautiful Moth Man.
He watched them approach, his eyes not leaving hers, but growing bigger and bigger as they drew closer. Was she doing the same? She both hoped not and didn’t care. She was going to meet him; oh, god, she was going to meet him. Could she say hi? Would her voice even work?
“Moth Man,” Mandy said, a bright smile in her voice. “Hope you don’t mind, but you have two huge fans here who would love to meet you.”
Mandy stretched out her hand to shake his, which broke the spell between him and Elle. She blinked hard a few times and let out a gasp she hoped wasn’t too loud. He then shook Rich’s hand, and her brother managed to find his voice.
“Hi, Moth Man, uh, Mr. Wade. I know I’m going to make a fool of myself, but I was such a fan back when you were in Splitting Braincells. I had a fake ID in high school so I could get into the 18-and-over-clubs. You were the best I’ve ever seen.”
Moth Man laughed and clapped Rich on the shoulder. “Thanks, I appreciate it. But, please, call me Moth Man or Tim, not Mr. Wade. And feel free to insert a corny, overused joke here about how Mr. Wade is my father.”
Rich and Mandy laughed, and while somewhere in the back of Elle’s mind she found the joke funny, she couldn’t help but blurt out, “Wait, how come you keep saying ‘were’? Why aren’t you still their guitarist? They’re playing tonight.”
She gasped as soon as it left her mouth. Crap, why couldn’t she have a filter? True, she usually didn’t care if she came off as rude, but she did with him. Moth Man. Tim.
He turned towards her, his eyes intense, but the corners of his mouth raised in a smile. It melted her insides, but she managed, through some sort of autopilot, to lift her hand to shake his when offered. When their skin touched, she jumped as if shocked. Plus, her insides poured down in a lumpy puddle at the soles of her feet, and her girlie parts burned in absolute fire. Oh, god, shut up, shut up, shut up!
“I’m Tim,” he whispered, his voice hoarse, husky. Oh, wow, am I affecting him, too? She liked that idea.
“Elle,” she somehow managed to whisper back.
She might have stayed there the rest of the night, holding both his gaze and his hand, but real life had to, of course, rear it’s ugly head in the form of Mandy’s annoying—at least at the moment—snicker. Tim’s smile grew in a knowing way, and then he dropped her hand and turned his attention back to Rich and Mandy. He and Rich discussed music, and though she wanted to listen in, to gain some insight to this wonderful specimen of a man, she couldn’t get her head on straight. She gave a quick glance over to Mandy and winced. Shit! As always, her sister-in-law saw straight through her. Though at the moment the entire back stage area could probably tell what dominated her mind. If she were a boy, everyone would say she was thinking with her other head. Shit-shit-shit! Maybe she could excuse herself to the bathroom and stay there for the rest of the show. She could always peek out when Crushed Edges came on stage.
Don’t be dumb, she scolded herself. You’re an adult. Sort of. Act like it!
She took a deep breath, plastered a smile on her face, ignored Mandy’s penetrating gaze, and did everything in her power to follow the conversation between Tim and Rich. They talked about the bands from earlier in the day. Had she missed the important details, her question about why he wasn’t a guitarist anymore? If so, she could ask Rich later. He’d know all the sordid details. She managed to hold her tongue until a natural pause in the conversation followed, and then blurted out, in her typical inarticulate (stupid!) manner, “Why do they call you Moth Man? It seems a little silly.”
“Elle,” Rich muttered in his defeated, scornful voice he so often used with her.
Yes, big brother, I accept your scorn this time.
Tim turned to her, a smile on his face, and his eyes again devouring her. God, he really could devour her for all she cared. For all she wanted. Feast on, big boy! Come and get it.
Holy hell, she never even felt like this with Harris Tynes, her boyfriend throughout her entire junior and senior years of high school. She liked him enough to let him take her virginity in the summer between the two, and they continued sexing each other up whenever they could almost until the end, but her feelings for him never came close to what she felt for this stranger.
“It was meant to be silly. Meant to make me feel stupid, but I owned it, and it became mine. Back in junior high, some brainiac bully discovered the word ‘moth’ sat in the middle of Timothy, so that’s what he called me. It ticked me off royal at first, but my best friend started saying Moth Man in a cool way, not condescending, and I loved it. I became Moth Man for the rest of junior high and all through high school. It continued with Splitting Braincells until…” He stopped and held up his left hand.
What did he mean? Her face must have been full of confusion, because he continued. “Not long after I turned 21, as soon as we hit the big time, I got into a motorcycle accident. Crushed my fretting hand so bad that I’d never be a touring musician again. I can play for five or ten minutes now, but any more and it starts to ache.”
She gasped and without thinking grasped his hand and stroked it, as if she could cure all that ailed him. He moaned, and it zipped through her, straight to her girlie parts. God, how could she want this man so bad, so soon? She knew nothing about him, not to mention he was at least a decade her senior.
At that moment the first band of the night hit the stage. The lights dimmed around them and the fanfare started, and the mammoth crowd on the other side of the stage roared. That’s when she found Rich and Mandy had left her alone with him. They headed towards the media viewing area.
He leaned in close and said, “I’d love to keep talking to you. Do you want to go watch the band, and then continue our conversation between sets?” He swiped his fingers of his left hand across her cheek, and it was her turn to moan. He smiled, and it looked like he might lean down and kiss her. Yes! Do it! Instead, he stopped short, looked to be going through his own internal monologue—she could sure relate to that!—and shook his head as if clearing it. He then smiled, stepped towards the viewing area, and offered his arm. She grinned and took it.

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Chapter Two: His Hard Rockin' Princess

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Chapter 2

Elle Sullivan couldn’t hear anything except the driving heavy metal, and she loved it. Her brother, Rich, and his wife, Mandy, had taken her to concerts before, but they’d been three or four bands at the most, and always with assigned seats inside an arena. Seeing bands on four different stages, often overlapping, was the coolest. The three of them most often caught the beginning of one set and wandered over to a different stage to catch part of another. Rich had a few this weekend he needed to see all the way through, his emphasis, not hers, but neither she nor Mandy minded. And both nights they had backstage passes for the main stage, where tonight she hoped she’d get to meet Crushed Edges, her absolute favorite band. She had a CD booklet ready for them to sign. Anyway, she loved the almost constant musical assault and backstage thoughts because it kept her from thinking about that older guy earlier at the campground.
What the hell had that been? He was way too old to affect her like he did. She couldn’t tell his age, but he was at least a few years older than Rich, who, at 25, had six years on her. So she shouldn’t, couldn’t, lust after an old guy. Could she? Ugh, like she said, now wasn’t the time to think about it. Or maybe ever. Though the way he stared at her made her tingly inside, a reaction guys never elicited from her. Yes, she had a boyfriend in high school, had sex with him, even, but that one look…
Snap out of it!
Oh, crap, and now Mandy eyed her with curiosity. How did she always know? Everyone said how mysterious Elle’s mind worked, but she never fooled Mandy. The only other person who could read her so easy was Mom, and she was, well, Mom.
She gave her sister-in-law an innocent grin and then started banging her head along with the music. She accidentally, but sort of on purpose, whipped Rich with her hair, and he grinned and gave her a nudge in time with the music, which she returned. Their own private mosh pit.
Hehe. Mosh pit. The term always put a smile on her face. She could understand calling it something like mash pit, as people mashed themselves together, but mosh pit? A silly phrase for such a violent act. She glanced over at Mandy and saw her attention had returned to the stage. Good.
The band, Sunken Ships according to the banner hanging behind them, launched into their final song, and the crowd went a little extra nuts. She didn’t know it, but liked its catchy hook. She bobbed her head and watched the controlled mayhem. A mosh pit roared in front of the stage, but the three of them stood well out of its reach, so she had fun watching. Rich looked like he wanted to sprint into it, but he wouldn’t. Mandy had issued a stern warning before they got here yesterday that his pitting days were behind him, and he agreed. She still found it funny to see how tight a grip Mandy had on his arm, though she bobbed her head in time with the beats as she did.
Once the song finished and the band said its goodbyes, a guy, close to her age by the looks of him, stepped next to her. He wore tattered jean shorts, a Sunken Ships t-shirt, and had a bunch of tattoos on his arms and neck. She groaned at what she knew would come next. She’d put up with it more than once today. Most had taken her brush off in stride, but Rich had to step in on one occasion. Would this guy try to chat her up, or would he go for the porta-potty sex right away? Her mind chose that moment to betray her with thoughts of the guy in the campground this morning, wondering what she’d say if he offered. She couldn’t help but flush, and, shit, it emboldened this douchebag.
“Hey, baby, did you enjoy them? They’re my favorite band.”
“I never would have guessed.” She nodded to his t-shirt. Double-shit. Why did she give him an opening in the conversation?
His grin widened. “It’s kind of noisy. You want to go somewhere a little more quiet?”
“No, I want to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law and watch some bands.” She turned towards Rich and Mandy, her wearing a slight grin at how she handled it, and Rich scowling at the guy, like every time a dude hit on her. Not that she minded his overbearing attitude; she wasn’t here for a boyfriend today. Or any day, to tell the truth.
“I can come with you. We can talk music. Or whatever you want.”
“Take a hint, dude.” She emphasized dude in a not very polite way.
He grabbed her by the elbow, and she readied herself to smack him, while Rich stepped forward, murder in his eyes. Even Mandy, always so calm, cool, and collected, looked ready to kick some ass. Before anything physical happened, people around them, both men and women, shouted at the guy that she said no, and he needed to back off. He let go, put his hands up in surrender, mumbled an apology, and took off. Those around looked at her to make sure she was okay, and she smiled and nodded at everyone, who went back to their own business. Mandy calmed Rich and raised her eyebrows at her.
“I’m fine. The asshole would have been in for a world of hurt if he hadn’t backed off. Make sure the Hulk is calm enough to continue our afternoon.”
Mandy giggled and rubbed Rich’s chest.
“I’ll hulk you,” he said, and she stuck her tongue out at him.
“Maybe he’ll mosh pit, and we’ll let you join that one.”
“Don’t give him any ideas,” Mandy said, but Rich already had a gleam in his eyes.
“Let’s stay here,” he said. “Shotgun Serenade starts in a couple of minutes and I want to see their set. I need to get in some serious headbanging.”
Mandy kissed his cheek. “Fine, but don't move. We’re going to get some drinks. Do you want lemonade or a beer?”
“I think I need a beer after that fucker tried to assault my baby sister.” No, they weren’t related by blood, but Mom, her mom, had married Dad, his dad, when she was four-years-old.
Elle rolled her eyes. “You don’t need to protect me. I was about to smack the shit out of him. Despite what you think, I can stand up for myself.”
He rolled his eyes back at her, which got her giggling. It also got him to crack a smile, so she and Mandy left to grab some drinks.
“Lemonade or water?” Mandy asked.
Like she needed to ask. Elle couldn’t get enough of the strawberry lemonade here. “I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.”
“Water it is.”
She scoffed. “You’re bad at this game.”
Mandy laughed and handed her a $10 bill. “I want a regular, not the strawberry one. I’ll go get Rich his beer. If the guy comes back, kick him in the shins.”
“I’ll aim a little higher,” she said, and Mandy gave her a grin and eyebrow wiggle.
As she waited in the short line for lemonade, her attention drifted over to the BBQ stall a few feet away, and her heart sprung into her throat. It was him. The hot older guy. He couldn’t see her since he stood at the front of the line and focused on ordering, but she had a good view of him. He was every bit as handsome as she remembered, and she better judged his age to be late-20s or early-30s. She guessed him to be about six-feet tall, taller, but not towering so, over her 5’5” frame. He had dark brown hair, cut short, but shaggy in a stylish sense. She remembered how his eyes matched his hair color. Now that she saw him standing, she noticed how fit he looked. Not like a bodybuilder, but he definitely kept himself in shape. God, how she’d like to see him without his shirt. Without his pants would be nice, too, and then she gave herself a mental face-slap. Get it together, girl. Unless you want to go introduce yourself. Ha, yeah, right. She sort of wished Brianna, her best friend, was here; Bri would’ve pushed her towards the guy so she’d have no choice but to say hi. Of course, Bri might have taken the Sunken Ships asshole up on his alone-time offer, so she wouldn’t be in line with her anyway. He had the tattooed look she liked in guys. Elle stifled a laugh, her eyes still on her mystery older guy.
“Uh, miss, you ready?” the guy behind asked. He pointed to the girl at the cash register.
“Yeah, yeah, sorry. Keep your shirt on.”
She ordered the two drinks, and by the time she collected them, her guy had gone. Shit-shit-shit. But it wasn’t like anything would have happened. Besides, she saw nothing wrong with staring and dreaming. Plus, she knew where his RV was. There were still two nights left in the campground, after all. Because, sure, she’d go right up to him. He might even be married and she simply hadn’t seen his wife. Though by the way he stared back this morning, that didn’t ring true.

Elle sucked in a deep breath to clear her mind. She couldn’t keep any of this on her face when she saw Mandy, or her secret crush would be ferreted out. Mandy could do it, and Elle hated that in a big, bad way. Yeah, it was fun to watch when she did it to other people, but not her. When she saw Mandy walking towards her with Rich’s beer, she put on a big smile to hide any of her mystery guy thoughts, and went to meet her halfway.