Friday, January 27, 2017

A Few Musings

Hello Lovelies!

I almost didn't get to a blog post this week, as I'm knee deep in a non-erotic writing project for an "alternate universe" me. It has meant I've had very little time for my beloved smut. Before the week is over, though, I want to make sure I get a blog post up. I really want to complete one each week, which means I can't fail this close to the beginning of the year. I also need to update the look and books at the sides of the page. It'll get done sometime soon!

First off, I want to sincerely thank everyone who voted and got in touch with me about my blog post last week about Tumblr. I had enough positive feedback to where I started posting on my Tumblr account again. You can find my Tumblr blog here. I'm sure I don't have to mention that it is very much NSFW, but in case I do, I'm saying it clearly: It is NSFW! Right now it's mostly sexy pictures and, well, porn, but I plan to incorporate my erotic writing life into it as time goes on. If you have your own Tumblr blog and want to follow me, I'd love that! I pretty much auto-follow any other erotic authors. If you're not, I'll of course take a look at your blog and follow if your page interests me!

Second, I had actually planned to talk this week about my erotic romance novel, but my other project gave me no time to even look at it. I've finished the first draft, so I need to dig into revisions. I'm not sure when it's going to be published, but I think when my head clears and I can get back into my erotic writing life (hopefully by the end of the weekend), I'll have a better idea. I'll talk more about it soon, including what it's about.

Third, I may have a short story available for you by Valentine's Day. I have an idea, but it's nothing but that at this point. My tentative title is The Almost Anti-Valentine's Day, but that is, as I said, very tentative. I came up with another idea, and I may run with that, either in addition or instead. Like with my novel, I'll hopefully know more about these by the end of the weekend, too.

So that's where I am at the moment. For the last few weeks, I've only been able to get my fill of my beloved smut through Twitter and, in these last few days, Tumblr, not actually writing it. That should hopefully change in a big, bad way these next couple of months. Thanks for reading, and see you here next week!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Hello Lovelies!

I have a question for you this week, and by the title of this post, you can probably deduce that it has to do with the social media site, Tumblr. My question, which I'll expand upon and love for you to answer later (I'll tell you how, promise!), is this: Would you like me to return to updating my Tumblr feed?

I originally started a Tumblr blog to create short fiction based on erotic/pornographic pics and scenes I found on other peoples' feeds. I did enjoy that for a while, as it was good writing practice, but I soon found that I was getting little to no feedback/comments on my stories. It felt like I was writing only for myself, which is not a bad thing, but I soon found I was focusing on these stories rather than my other, more important writings. Therefore I stopped creating those shorts (though you can click here to see links to each of them), but continued posting (or reblogging would be the more appropriate term) pictures and scenes from other Tumblr users--mostly erotic (okay, pornographic) images that turned me on. 

Basically, if I start posting again, it'll be pretty (HOT!) pictures that I, and therefore I hope you, enjoy. I'll also link blog posts, my new releases, and other occasional things to my feed. I'd love to connect with other erotic authors. Tumblr isn't the most interactive of the social media sites, but I'd love to reblog book and story posts from other authors.

I know the main answer is: If you enjoy it, do it. Otherwise don't. And that's the best advice, but I do have other outlets that will make me just as happy. Basically I want to continue on Tumblr if there will be some interaction (even if it's as simple as sharing reblogs) with some of you lovelies. When I was doing this before, there was none, so it became boring. As in could have been fun, but wasn't. So you see why I'm asking.  

So let me know. Reply to this blog post, vote in this Twitter Poll, or tell me in a mention or DM on my Twitter feed. I'd love to have fun on naughty Tumblr again, but only if it'll be somewhat interactive! (And if I decide to play on the naughty side again, please let me know what your page is and I'll follow you!)

Until next weeks, Lovelies...

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vacation Time!

Okay, so I promised I'd start blogging every week, but that's not possible next week since I won't be somewhere where I have Internet access. So instead I'm going to post a second post this first week. I know I could simply schedule it to appear next week, but I have good reason. I want to make this my pinned post on Twitter, and I need it before I leave on Saturday. 

I'm scheduling Tweets all week, but I feel bad that A) I won't be retweeting anyone else, and B) I won't be thanking anyone for retweeting mine.

You won't see much of me from Saturday to Saturday (Jan. 7-14), but after that I should be back and returning to my normal tweeting/retweeting habits. If you would be so kind to retweet me during the week, I thank you in advance! 

So this is next week's blog post (the second week of January). I'll return in the third week with a new one. Until then, have a great week! See you soon!

I'm Back!


It's been a while. Too long, really. I've been doing all my talking on Twitter, and I basically forgot about my blog. Which is pretty silly, really, since I link to it at the end of each of my stories. I've made it my New Year's Resolution to return to updating this blog. So here is my first post of 2017!

My plans for the year are still up in the air, other than posting every week. I do need to update my titles on the sides of the screen. I may instead overhaul the entire look of the blog, but that's something I'm going to think on for a while. I will be publishing my first erotic novel in a couple of months, and I'll certainly be talking quite a bit about that.

So that's what's going on with this blog for now. Nothing much yet, but stay tuned! I will get on a normal schedule soon enough, and then you'll get a better look in my writing world. I hope you'll enjoy!

See you soon!