Thursday, June 15, 2017

Free Books

This week's freebie is Carnival of Sin

Hiya Peeps!

I've decided to set one of my books as free on Amazon each week, Monday to Friday. It will start next Monday, June 19 with Flag Football Conquest, continue the following week with The Odd Costume Party Fiasco, and every week after with a new book for the foreseeable future. And, yes, I will be including my longer works (His Hard Rockin' Princess, The Dragon's Mate, and Carnival of Sin, plus any new ones I publish) in this freebie fun!

Why am I doing this? Why give anything away for free? Actually, I'm guessing many of you who are reading this, seasoned Indie authors, already know. But for those of you who aren't familiar with the goodness of giving away free books, I have good reasons. 

First off, I'm hoping readers snatch up my book and enjoy it so much that they can't help but pick up more. And follow me on Amazon or Twitter or right here on this blog so they know when more are coming. That, honestly, is the ultimate reason, but there are others.

Second, I'm hoping for more reviews, be them on Amazon (my biggest hope), Goodreads, or anywhere else people like to review. By giving my stories away, I'm hoping for more readers, and maybe some of those extra readers will give a review. 

A third reason is word of mouth. Maybe someone who picks up one of my free stories will recommend it to friends or social media followers. I'm always up for an extra dose of readers!

Those are three big reasons why I'm going to be giving away a different story each week. It's something Indie authors should really keep and use in their magical bag of marketing tricks! It's easy if you're in the Amazon KDP Select program - you have five days to mark your book as free every three months. It's also different from the Kindle Unlimited program, where readers can download your book for free, but they're only borrowing it, even if there is no "due date" like a traditional library. The free book through the promotion means it's the reader's book as if they bought it.

If you use Smashwords, you can easily generate coupons which readers can use, and you can set an expiration date on those. For other retailers (B&N, Kobo, iBooks, etc.), you'll have to look into those, as I've never tried to get a free promotion going at any of those. 

So look for my books starting on Monday. This first week, as I said, will be Flag Football Conquest. And if you miss it? Keep an eye on Twitter or my Amazon Author Page to see what the current freebie of the week is! I hope you enjoy the free reads!

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